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Welcome to Free Arcade Gallery

 Croustibat (4704 plays)
'Guide Croustibat through the dangerous planet to rescue her...
 Balloony (3016 plays)
Accumulate points by shooting almost everything that flies o...
 Save the Sheriff (851 plays)
Collect treasure in this platform games
 Kumite (1166 plays)
1-Player fighting game
 The Terrortubby (1209 plays)
Teletubby turned terrorists in this horizontal shooter
 Snake (970 plays)
Classic snake games with new graphic/interface
 Battle Pong (1078 plays)
Variation of the classic Pong with weapons!
 Allied Assault Game (2202 plays)
Annihilate all invaders and save the planet
Beat em up
 Knockout (9021 plays)
Travel around the world trying to knockout all of your oppon...
 Pumpkin Battle (5447 plays)
An evil pumpkin has invaded your patch and is wreaking havoc...
 The Legend Of Dragon Fi... (8996 plays)
The aim of this beat 'em up game is to defeat 10 opponents. ...
 Dragon Fist 2 (7632 plays)
Chinese style fighting game.
 on line poker (514 plays)
One of the biggest card games categories played online today. (722 plays)
Looking to game on your mobile phone?
 Blackjack (3638 plays)
This is a nice Blackjack games that allow playing upto 5 han...
 Poker Machine (5841 plays)
Poker slot machine
 Trotter Track Arena (3908 plays)
Horce race that allow betting
 Solitaire (4934 plays)
Solitaire with japanese anime card back
Mario Games
 Play some cool Mario Games at Mario Mayhem (1527 plays)
If you are looking to play Super Mario Flash Games look no further than this awesome page!
 Cleo Psychic Slapdown (1135 plays)
Get Cleo to tell your future stick chicken bones in her nose...
 Fowl Words (1135 plays)
Get as many words as you can in the quickest time.
 Techno Bounce (2450 plays)
Keep the ball bouncing around the screen by moving blocks.
 Mo Fro (1204 plays)
Help MoFro save the Phatmen and destroy the evil minions of ...
 Quiz Time with Chrono 3 (777 plays)
Chrono tests you this time on storylines of various Super Ni...
 Puzzle Mania X (1454 plays)
'The ultimate puzzle game! Choose from a range of 10 jigsaw ...
 Metal Wrath (2493 plays)
Reclaim the planet earth from the enemy machines that have t...
 Chaos Theory (1240 plays)
Use the left mouse button to set off an explosion and create...
 Ace Racer (3758 plays)
'Ride on your skidoo water boat over the waves, jump over do...
 Goosehead Racing (5033 plays)
Race your dragster and win money to upgrade it.
 F1 Chinese GP (3757 plays)
Test your engines in this fact-paced Formula 1 racing game. ...
 New Car Net Racer (5110 plays)
Mouse controlled racing track game. Great design and excelle...
 Memory (1906 plays)
Match the numbers while remembering them in your head.
 Great Mahjong (1478 plays)
Classic mah-jongg chinese solitaire game match up two of the...
 Colosseum Blackjack (2164 plays)
Play casino Blackjack and get insurance against dealer's ace...
 Poker (4703 plays)
Choose which cards to discard and try to make pair of jacks ...
 Nemo's Revenge: The Que... (2607 plays)
You are captain Nemo and your mission is to retrieve a pearl...
 The Fallen (1533 plays)
In this game you go around fighting different people in diff...
 The Fly (1008 plays)
Kill the Fly
 Santos (1310 plays)
Use the mouse to control the fighter jet and shoot the enemi...
 Nordic Chill (1368 plays)
'Use proper tecniques in cross-country skiing, shooting, ski...
 Caravan (1024 plays)
Do you think you can easily park a caravan? Think again and ...
 Skidoo TT (917 plays)
Ski and compelete all tracks in shortest time possible to wi...
 Beach Tennis (1090 plays)
Play tennis in the beach with sexy bikini

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